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Travelodge Docklands
66 Aurora Ln, Docklands, AU
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Bioparc Fuengirola
Kategorie: zábava
Av. Camilo José Cela, 6-8, Fuengirola, ES
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In the town of Fuengirola, it is worth visiting Bioparc. It's a zoo, but it feels like it passes through the natural environment of more than 200 animals.

Right from the beginning, after paying for our ticket, a local photographer caught us and took a picture of us in front of a large statue of a gorilla.

We went to a huge baobab where the guide (in English extra for us, otherwise Spanish) told us how the natives usually live in the hollow of the tree. We passed through a tree trunk and visited the lemur family from Madagascar and the animals of Equatorial Africa. The guide told us about them a few interesting things, then he said goodbye to us. We continued to see Nile crocs, lowland gorilla, leopard, mammals, flamingos and meerkats or chimpanzees. I have to say that the porcupine with its spines has my respect. We couldn´t find scorpion with its poisonous thorn in vegetation ... our luck maybe. But the baby of a pigmy hippopotamus and her mother was really cute.

We got to area of Southeast Asia. Architecture resembled the ancient Cambodian temple of Angkor Watt with statues of Buddhas at every corner. First we came across a Sumatra tiger. It was a really big animal. After a while, we realised that we were closely watched by another one from the shadows. We´ve got bit scared when only a few strong bamboo sticks were separating us from them on one side of the enclosure. My mom was very interested in a big binturong known as a bearcat. At first we thought it was a sloth. All the time we were around it did not move.

We finally reached the Indo-Pacific region. We paused for a while by the Komodo Dragon, because we like dragons. He watched closely what was going on. The longest snake in the world the reticulated python was in such a complex cluster that we did not even know where its head is. The largest turtle in the world from the Galapagos archipelago can not really be overlooked.

Do not miss this beautiful and, in addition, fully barrier-free park. The ticket is bit expensive, 19, 90 Euros, but the wheelchair users pay 9, 90 Euros, but you really won´t regret it.
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Monument Valley
Kategorie: památky
U.S. 163, Oljato-Monument Valley, US
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The breathtaking sandstone rocks are the most beautiful at sunrise and sunset, when their unique red hue comes in the spotlight. They appeared in many movies. The most famous is probably Forrest Gump.

Monument Valley is located on the Indian territory of the Navajo tribe, on the border between Arizona and Utah.

Visitors can pay for their own car entry ($ 20) or use the guide service ($ 130- $ 200). We decided to go on own. The road was unpaved and dusty, but the terrain wasn´t as difficult as expected.

Different sources say that you spend about 1-2 hours in the park, but get ready for a much longer visit. A really spectacular scenery ... Let´s say monumental.

Refreshments, souvenirs and toilet only at the beginning... Visitor Center
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