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Torre di Pisa
Give us a tip for trip where the sun is shining. The name of the romantic movie Under the Tuscan Sun can give you a hint that we´ll look at the picturesque Tuscany region. On the banks of the River Arno lies the university town of Pisa. Usually there is a flat terrain and the walkways with curbs... this will please every wheelchair user. The main attractions can be easily accessed by stroll. You will most certainly be interested in the UNESCO World Heritage Site called the of the Miracles. There is also the famous "leaning tower of Pisa". It has 294 stairs, so it is not accessible to wheelchairs, but it is impressive from the outside. The nearby baptisterium dating back to the 12th century is the largest sacral building in Italy. The ground floor is accessible. You can also get to the cathedral from the Middle Ages thanks to a ramp. But before that you should notice the beautiful decorations on the facade. I wish you a nice trip and a wonderful experience ....
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