Nuremberg - from sad history to popular destination

People often remember Nuremberg's sad or scary history associated with Nazism. Not only was this city a place where Hitler raged as a lunatic and magnificent historic center was nearly destroyed during World War II, but history goes much deeper. This beautiful city was once an important site of the Roman Empire.

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Stezka korunami stromů Krkonoše
If you think about going on a trip, then the unique Krkonoše Tree Top Trail in Janske Lazne is worth it. They opened it in 2017 and for the first two months, this new attraction faced such a crowd of tourists that the police had to watch so many cars and people coming. More than a year since the opening, we came here with my mom, the crowds were not so big and the whole trip was very nice and cool. The paid parking is right next to Trail, we paid 70 CZK. As soon as we paid for our tickets (180 CZK for a person with ID of disabled + companion is free of charge), we could go through an accessible turnstile . We were surprised that it´s quite a long way through the woods via the wooden footbridge from the entrance gate to the observation tower itself. On the railing there are info signs, where you can learn something about the forest and its healthy or unhealthy growth. The footbridge ends in a dark room where is a very interesting exhibit about the forest, the complexity of the roots and the diversity of the creatures living in the soil. From there, we continued up the observation tower… higher and higher above the top of the sorrounding trees. On each floor there are small wooden signs on the railing with interesting questions. When you open it you will find the answers. Children, as well as adults, can walk through the adventure parts of the walkway. They can look down the gaps below their feet. The wind was blowing at the top a bit, but the views of the surrounding landscape were really beautiful. Able-bodied can slide down by helter-skelter. Admission is 50 CZK and you pay it to the operator at the place of the entrance o fit. Our friend in wheelchair advised us to take our powered wheelchair along, because the spiral structure goes up and up to the top. Although it is not really as steep as we thought, the powered wheelchair was helpful. And a pleasant surprise at the end – there´s a restaurant and a small souvenir shop. Come to Janské Lázně city. We wish you nice weather for the views.
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Moravská galerie v Brně
Husova 18, Brno, CZ
Divadlo Miriam Praha
Strasnicka 100, CZ
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Zoologická zahrada (tram, bus)
Obvodová, Brno, CZ
Ascenseur Pfaffenthal
Lëtzebuerg, LU
Ponte dell'Accademia
Ponte dell'Accademia, Venezia, IT
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Zdeńka Kusalová
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Petřvald, Česko
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