Where to meet history in the Czech Republic

There are many beautiful castles throughout the Czech Republic. Here are a few tips.

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วัดพระเชตุพนวิมลมังคลารามฯ (Wat Pho)
Wat Pho Temple got its name after a temple of the same name in India. A legend says, the historical Buddha stayed here for some time. This temple is the oldest and the largest in Bangkok. Another is the fact that it is the most attractive monument of the capital of Thailand. It is about a 10-minute walk from the famous temple of Wat Phra Kaeo (Royal Palace), where we can find a rare statue of the Emerald Buddha. But let´s go back to the Wat Pho temple. The famous 46 meters long and 15 meters wide Reclining Buddha attracts many visitors. You will probably be amazed, but inside it consists mainly of bricks and plaster. The surface is covered with golden plates. The lying position of the Buddha captures the moment of dying and entering nirvana. On his feet, you can see the pearl details with a sophisticated display of auspicious symbols. There´s 108 of them. If you need to turn luck on your side, you can buy coins at the entrance that you throw into bronze dishes around the perimeter of the room. The sound of throwing coins gives the space a special atmosphere. In addition, you contribute to the operation and maintenance of the temple. Beware of dress code. Coming to a temple in shorts and a short shirt is considered a great violation of good behavior. It is practical to take a sarong, with which you can cover yourself and then take it off easily and put it into your backpack after your visit. Taking pictures is mostly allowed, but do not forget that it is important to show respect. Taking a selfie, or long posing in front of the statues of Buddhas is not polite. Of course, "your steps" first lead to the enormous golden Buddha, but it is worthwhile to explore the whole area. It is barrier-free, so moving around is no problem. You might find yourself at some threshold at the entrance, but if you cannot overcome it, the Thais will gladly help you. If you need relaxation Thai massage is the right thing to do. Massage and relaxing of muscles has been practised for centuries, but at the Wat Pho Temple they founded a school that is renowned throughout Thailand. There are even courses for visitors. Whole-body massage can sometimes hurt, so you need to consider whether you can undergo such a procedure for health reasons. As a wheelchair user I decided for a foot massage. They treated me very carefully, and my spasms relaxed without any problems. If you go to Thailand for the first time, Wat Pho can not be missing on your itinerary.
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