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Jantar Mantar
If you plan to visit Delhi, you shouldn´t miss these beautiful instruments Jantar Mantar. This incredible observatory close to well-known Connaught Place square. The instruments that can determine movements of the sun, moon and planets are situated in a beautiful garden. They were built in 1724 by Jay Singh II. It was an order of the emperor Shah. One of them is named Misra Yantra. It´s heart-shaped structure that can define the shortest and the longest day. But the biggest one is Samrat Yantra, which served as a sundial. The whole area of the observatory is barrier-free, well arranged and clean. Someone may join you and may ask if he can be your guide. You don´t have to say no immediately, he can tell you basic history of this interesting place and also bit more information about each instrument, you can´t find anywhere else. It entirely up to you. Do a good deed and let the guy to earn a few rupees, or thank him and send him politely away.
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