In the shadows of these accessible cathedrals

Notre Dame Cathedral had to resist the fire, but despite the big scars it survived. We have some tips for you to go for majestic buildings around the world.

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Jardins du Château de Versailles
If you decide to explore the magnificent Royal Palace of Versailles, which was created to represent Louis XIV's power and glory, do not forget to visit the gardens. Usually, tourists come here from Paris, 20 km away. The gardens are an insepareble part of the castle complex. They cover an area of 800 hectares. It has taken the chief garden architect André Le Notre over 40 years to build this masterpiece. The gardens are divided into sections of regular shapes. Every year, over 200,000 flowers and trees are planted here. The main element is its 50 fountains. In spring and summer, the fountains are singing with the accompaniment of Baroque music. They have been entertaining the audience like this for almost 350 years. Do not forget to look at the ponds near the castle, where the impressive architecture is reflecting. You´ll spend at least an hour in the gardens, but you better count on more, you'll see great beauty. You can go in any direction. The surface of the roads is mainly hard dirt, the wheelchair goes well on it, only occasionally you can come across gravel. In some parts, the terrain is a little uphill, so to take along a companion is good idea . Great experience, have a good trip ...
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Jardins du Château de Versailles
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