Dubai 2020: Barrier-free, inclusive, disability-friendly

Emirate has passed law to promote and protect people with disabilities: Khaled Al Kamda

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taj mahal
Parking lot is quite far from the main entrance to the Taj Mahal complex, but It´s easier to go all the way to this magnificent marble monument than use a rickshaw or roofed vehicle. You´ll need help of an ablebodied person to get into the vehicle and take a seat if you´re a "full-time" wheelchair user. It´s necessary to colaps your wheelchair. As soon as you buy a ticket at the entrance gate, you go by the wall on the right side through the garden. You can find nine ramps there to get close to Taj Mahal. Amazing to actually touch this beautiful monument. Famous Taj Mahal itself is not wheelchair friendly, There´re 22 steps in the way, but it definitely worth it to go see it anyway.
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