Caorle - this town catches your heart

Italian Caorle is a very popular seaside town, even the famous writer Ernest Hemingway mentioned it in one of his short stories called Across the River and into the Trees.

It was founded by the Romans in the first century BC. According to one legend, his ancient name Caprulae refers to grazing goats, according to another town named after the pagan goddess. Whatever the truth, over the centuries it has become one of the nine important cities of the Republic of Veneto. The harbor, surrounded by the rivers Livenza and Lemene, looks like Venice - the tangle of canals and islets form the Caorle Lagoon. There are also some ancient fishing huts, the so-called casoni.

The beautiful historic center remained after a long and colorful past,. In its heart is Vescovado Square, dominated by the Cathedral of St. Stephen - former bishop's seat. Inside you can see the fresco of St. Lucy of the 17th century with scenes from her life. Close to the door is the statue of St. Rocha with a dog. The adjacent 48 meter high Romanesque bell tower can not be overlooked. Probably previously served as an observer. The crown-tip is a truly unique world. "

But  the Santuario della Madonna dell'Angelo is much more pictureque. There is a long promenade along the sea, lined with many large boulders. The sculptors flipped some of them into beautiful artworks.

Legend says that the wooden statue of the Virgin Mary arrived by sea on a piece of marble. It was very difficult for the Bishop and townmen to bring her to the cathedral, but a group of children helped them - for their innocence she was as easy as a feather. They brought her to the nearest Archangel Michael Church, and the church in her honor was named 'the Shrine of Our Lady of the Angel . Every five years a procession takes place at the sea.

Relax by the sea. The vast sandy beaches of Spiaggia di Ponente and Spaggia di Levante offer plenty of space for everyone. There is plenty of loungers and parasols, just to reserve a place in the beach kiosk, and a dream come true. The access to the sea is slow, so families with children are happy to go there. For those with disabilities, they have raids to the first row of sun umbrellas, and a special wheelchair with wide wheels is often prepared for easier movement on the sand.

If you decide to spend some days more actively than swimming in the sea and strolling along the promenade with fine Italian ice cream in your hand, do a day trip. Caorle is located near the magnificent Venice of Venice or historic Padua. Perfect diversification of the seaside stay is to enjoy the sights and go out to feel Venetian romantic vibes.