Nuremberg - from sad history to popular destination

People often remember Nuremberg's sad or scary history associated with Nazism. Not only was this city a place where Hitler raged as a lunatic and magnificent historic center was nearly destroyed during World War II, but history goes much deeper. This beautiful city was once an important site of the Roman Empire.

Castle on the hill

Nuremberg Castle with its well-preserved walls served as a symbol of the power. The whole complex consists of three parts. We gave up the steep hill to the castle  with me in the wheelchair. We've seen at least the Sinwell Tower from the distance. In addition city panorama you can see from it, there is a photo exhibition of what the city looked like after the bombing. According to the official website, a wheelchair user can easily get to the courtyard and a deep well has only one step. A visitor in a wheelchair can only get into the gardens with the help of three steps.


You can visit several churches in the historic part of Nuremberg. We lit the first candle in the church of St. Clara from  13th century. You can go in by modern door in a wheelchair, but you need somebody to help you open it. Right at the entrance is an interesting chapel with a statue of a patron. You can light a candle that will cost you a few cents like us and say a quiet prayer.

Next door will take you to the main nave of the church. However, the decoration is quite poor compared to the Catholic opulent decoration, except for a few statues, because it is a temple of the Protestants. However, if one is looking for silence and peace to contemplate, then here is the right place. 

Charles IV.

But another church is important for Czechs. It is called the Frauenkirche and stands on the Hauptmarkt Square. And why for us? The Gothic Church of Our Lady was created thank to the initiative of our Charles IV. Notice the beautiful facade and the great clock above the entrance under which the Emperor and King Charles IV. is sitting surrounded by prince-electors. Unfortunately, we couldn´t get in. They were already closed.

The beautiful fountain

Also notice the special golden fountain on the square, which is richly decorated and will definitely attract your attention. It rises to a height of 19 meters and counts around 40 small statues.

Saint Sebaldus and Charles VI.

Charles IV. in Nuremberg had his son Wenceslas baptized in the nearby Lutheran Church of St. Sebaldus, located on Albrecht-Dürer-Platz. The church is named after the patron saint of the city. The interior is magnificent and epic and where one looks, there is a statue or other filigree ornament.Many coats of arms on the wall are also beautiful. There was a mass, she spoke / German / young priest, so we did not want to disturb.

Gingerbread and sausages

During your walk you can enjoy Italian coffee or ice cream, French pancake or Chinese noodles. Of course, the local specialty is typical sausages and gingerbread, which must not be missed at Christmas.

If you like exploring interesting cities, then you should definitely visit the interesting Nuremberg.