Regensburg - beautiful city on the banks of river Danube

One of Europe's oldest cities can boast about perhaps the best preserved historic center. The sources speak of the founding of the city by the Romans in 179, but the Celts apparently appeared much earlier.

Porta Praetoria

Porta Praetoria is considered the oldest part of the city. It was part of a military fortress from the time of Marcus Aurelius and is now incorporated into the Bischofshof - Bishop's Court building.

Stone bridge Steinerne Brücke

Everyone wants to see the stone bridge with 16 arches first. It is said to be built by the same architect who built the Judith´s Bridge in Prague. Its low profile does not allow large ships to pass under the bridge, giving tourists beautiful pictures that will not be disrupted by modern ships. In time of its heyday it was the only bridge in the neighborhood and contributed greatly to the city's prosperity.

Regensburg Cathedral

Cathedral of St. Peter is the only example of French Gothic in Bavaria, Germany. Unfortunately, we didn't get inside to see the largest and heaviest hanging organ in the world. The building was reconstructed and the drawn arrow that was supposed to lead us to the wheelchair entrance did not show us the right direction. The statue of Laughing Angel Gabriel is also very popular. You can find it inside.

All the important sights a visitor should see in Regensburg are walking/wheeling distance. Historical monuments survived the difficult period of World War II and can be found on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

I wish we had more time to soak up the atmosphere, the city, where the bells of this or the other of the many churches are ringing. Certainly we will see Regensburg again. And I wish you do the same. Come for a visit.