Into the mysterious underground in wheelchair

To experience...

Grottes de Betharram (Betharram Caves)

While visiting famous city of Lourdes, I read about nearby caves that worth visiting. I wasn´t sure we can go there just like that because they said on their official website that the visit of disabled person needs to be reserved in advance. We risked it and nobody said anything. We received a warm welcome.

The caves were discovered in 1810 and opened to the public in 1903. There are five storeys... kind of like a building. Each was hollowed in different period of time. Only one of them is accessible for a wheelchair. Lower levels are full of steps.

The tour was guided and took about an hour. The guy was switching languages pretty quick. Apart from the interesting facts he was joking, seeing faces and animals in the formations.

The caves are really beautiful as you can see from the picture.

Macocha Abyss

The largest gorge system in the Czech Republic is the well-known Macocha and can also be visited by wheelchair users - as Jana reviews:

It is best to park in the lower parking lot next to the Hotel Skalní Mlýn. The hotel is completely wheelchair accessible + wc + restaurant.

There is a train from the parking lot, which can accommodate 1 wheelchair, but there is a 25 cm high 1 step and the way to the cave is about 2 km long. Or you can walk :-).

You can also park in the upper parking lot, where a stony path leads up to the upper view point.

A cable car that is not barrier-free leads down into the cave.

There are stairs at the bottom and the top, but there are always cable car guys to help people on a mechanical wheelchair - there is no problem with carrying.

The tour is about 1 km long.

Sloupsko-šošůvské caves

Sloupsko-Šošůvské Caves are the largest open caves in the Czech Republic. It consists of a large complex of domes, corridors and huge underground abysses that connect two underground floors. The short tour is 890 meters long and the long tour is 1760 meters long.

For the disabled visitors, a large part of the caves has been adapted for wheelchairs - the whole shorter circuit can be completed (except for the caves of Elis and Nagel Abyss). The cave is an important site of bear skeletons, lions, hyenas and other animals.

It is necessary to reserve in advance by phone, as Jana writes.

The Yerebatan Sarnıcı

It is the largest cistern of the entire water system located down underground of Istanbul. Dating back to the 6th century, it was built in the sweat and blood of more than 7,000 slaves. The massive ceiling of the tank is supported by 336 marble columns. Medusa is depicted on two of them. Surprisingly, even a wheelchair user can get in. There are stairs at the entrance, but they have a lift at the exit. There are broadwalks inside.

It is very good that even the haunting beautiful underground environment is gradually becoming accessible to people with disabilities ...